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Latitude: 42° 12' 44"N, Longitude: 71° 6' 53"W, Elevation: 635 ft
Milton, MA USA

The weather data provided on this page are unofficial and may be
different from the official Blue Hill Observatory measurements.
They are provided for comparison and educational purposes only.

Station History

WxSolution records began April 20, 2004.

Weather Equipment Used:

Current Weather Data

Current Conditions - updated every 10 minutes
Yesterday's Text Report   -2 days   -3 days   -4 days   -5 days   -6 days   -7 days
Yesterday's Summary Report
Yesterday's Strip Chart   -2 days   -3 days   -4 days   -5 days   -6 days   -7 days
Current Month's Report
Hourly Observations - for the past 3 days

Other sites for this station's data:
- APRSWxNet: CW2236
- Weather Underground: KMAMILTO3
- Anything Weather: ma-milton02

Real-Time Data

View real-time data using WxClient remote access client for WxSolution.

After downloading, enter the following values:

Station name Blue Hill
IP Address
Port 4001

Monthly Weather Data

These are six page reports similar to the Local Climatological Data (LCD) reports produced by the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) with the addition of hourly data plots and a monthly wind rose.

Monthly Reports (PDF)

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Monthly reports are posted at the end of the month.