The January 25-27,1978 Midwest
"White Hurricane"
For those Blue Hill Observatory members who were unable to attend the 40th Anniversary of the 1978 Blizzard Event last February we will be sharing several Sky Mails on the remarkable snowstorms that occurred during the Winter 1977-78.

The January 25-27, 1978 Midwest Blizzard was known as "The White Hurricane" with high winds to 100 mph and tremendous drifting.
Pressure falls of 40 mb in 24 hours - talk about a bombogenesis!
The 3rd lowest non-tropical US Mainland barometric reading was recorded at 956.0 mb (28.23 in) on the 26th at Mt. Clemens, MI.
Cleveland OH recorded its lowest barometric pressure ever at 28.28 in.
Upwards of 40 inches of snow fell in WI and 20+ inches from KY to MI. 70 people lost their lives during this storm - 51 in Ohio.
Meanwhile, sweeping rain pounded Blue Hill Observatory wiping out almost all of the deep snow cover.

The Indiana National Guard in action trying to clear an Interstate using their tanks to tow stranded tractor trailer trucks

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