The January 20-21,1978 Snowstorm
The "Other Blizzard of '78"
For those Blue Hill Observatory members who were unable to attend the 40th Anniversary of the 1978 Blizzard Event last February we will be sharing several Sky Mails on the remarkable snowstorms that occurred during the Winter 1977-78.

The January 20-21,1978 Snowstorm - the "other 1978 Blizzard" hit two weeks before the famous storm of February 6-7, 1978. The storm left huge drifts and snow piles that made the later blizzard more difficult.

At Logan Airport the storm left 21.4 inches of snow - a new all time record. Blue Hill Observatory recorded 19 inches of snow and on 1/27/78 there was 27 inches of snow on the ground at the morning observation

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