November 2018 Breaks All Time Records at
Blue Hill Observatory
Coldest Thanksgiving
Wettest November in 133 years
Mike Iacono, Chief Scientist, at Blue Hill Observatory has compiled the remarkable records set this Fall season. Your support of Blue Hill Observatory allows this important work to continue

November, 2018 Summary:

November, 2018, was 2.0 degrees colder than average and Thanksgiving day was the coldest ever recorded at Blue Hill Observatory. The minimum temperature of 9 degrees on the 22nd not only broke the previous daily record but was the second earliest single-digit temperature ever recorded at the Observatory. November was also the wettest on record with 10.31 inches of precipitation.

Fall 2018 became progressively cooler than average with a record amount of rainfall. The 24 hr adjusted mean temperature for fall (S-N) of 51.2 degrees F was just 0.2 degrees warmer than our 120 year average and 0.7 degrees cooler than the 30 year fall average. Fall, 2018 was also the wettest on record with a total of 25.41 inches for the three months. Fall precipitation was about 13 inches above the long term average and 12 inches above the 30 year average. With all the precipitation, fall 2018 proved to be the cloudiest on record with only 37% of possible bright sunshine.
BHO Greatest Fall Precip.
  1. 25.81 in 2018
  2. 23.18 in 2005
  3. 23.13 in 1996
  4. 22.47 in 1888
BHO Least Sunshine on Record
  1. 359.2 hrs (37%) in 2018
  2. 388.6 hrs (40%) in 1896
  3. 390.5 hrs (40%) in 1888
  4. 391.1 hrs (40%) in 1919
BHO Coldest Thanksgiving Day (Max/Min/Mean Temp Deg F)

  1. 20/9/15 on November 22,2018
  2. 21/10/16 on November 28,1901
  3. 22/14/18 on November 29,1894

BHO Coldest November Daily Max Temperature Deg F (1885-2018)

19F November 30,1929
20F November 22,2018 * earliest 20 degree Max on Record
21F November 23, 1888 and November 28,1901

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