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January 9, 2018
Blue Hill Observatory invites you  
to a Special Event  
to Commemorate  
the 40th Anniversary of the  
Great Blizzard of 1978

Saturday, February 3, 2018
Granite Links Golf Club
100 Quarry Hills Drive
Quincy, MA

Dr. Louis Uccellini, Director-
National Weather Service 
Bob Thompson
MIC, Taunton NWS 
TV Meteorologists:  
Bob Copeland  
Harvey Leonard  
   Barry Burbank    

The Winter of 2017-18 at Blue Hill Observatory is off to a frigid start - December running 2.6 degrees colder than our 132 year average with the first week in January even colder. Add to this a major East Coast Snowstorm with a central pressure of 28.85 inches, 16.5 inches of wind driven snow and wind gusts to 54mph. Such wild weather makes all weather enthusiasts think back to memorable winters from the past.

For many New England weather enthusiasts the '78 Blizzard was THE weather event of their lifetime. If you are too young to remember this storm, which essentially shut down much of southern and central New England for one week, come      and learn about East Coast Snowstorms and what made       the '78 Blizzard such a 
remarkable storm. Dr. Uccellini is the East Coast snowstorm expert!
Below is the iconic photo from the base of Blue Hill (The Rte 138 Exit on Rte 128) where cars first became stuck on the long hill from I 95 leading to the massive tie up where many spent the night and some perished.


Tickets are still available.
Please follow the link below
or call
Don McCasland at
NASA Modis Images 
Arctic Air Over 12/28/17 over NE
Even Colder New Year's Eve 2018
East Coast Blizzard - 1/4/2018
The 1978 Blizzard 2/6/1978
Remarkable coastal damage Feb/78

  Teachers, Students, Weather Enthusiasts Come Learn from the leading Expert on Snowstorms
Dr Louis Uccellini, current Director NWS, returns to honor Blue Hill Observatory as the Keynote Speaker for our "78 Blizzard Event.
He, along with Paul Kocin have written two books documenting major East Coast snowstorms. He will discuss such topics as phasing of the jet streams as a driver for such major storms and compare and contrast the 78 blizzard with this latest snowstorm. He will also hightlight the forecasting strides that have been made over the intervening years. 

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