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 January 18, 2017

Second Warmest
in 132 Years at
Blue Hill Observatory 

The year 2016 ended with a 24-hour corrected mean temperature of 51.2F, which was 3.6F warmer than the 120-year mean and 2.3F above the 30-year normal. This was the second warmest year on record behind only the mean of 51.7F observed in 2012. The annual average maximum temperature of 60.6F was the second highest on record behind only 60.8F in 2012, and the annual average minimum temperature of 42.8F was the fifth warmest on record. The year got off to a very warm start, and the trend continued all year as each month was warmer than the 120-year long-term average. Winter 2015-2016 (December-February) was the warmest on record, Spring 2016 (March-May) was the 9th warmest, August and the combined summer months (June-August) were the warmest on record and Fall 2016 was the 7th warmest relative to the 120-year mean.

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