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 December 20, 2016
Help us to Inspire Children to Learn about the Weather 

"The Blue Hill Weather Observatory has amazing educational programs year round that offer children of all ages a chance to learn about meteorology in a hands-on environment. I've had the wonderful opportunity to host students at WBZ involved in the BHO summer camp the past several years. Allowing these kids to explore their passion and see first-hand what forecasting weather is all about is a once in a lifetime experience.  It's vitally important that we continue to support BHO. They are an invaluable resource to our community and our children."
Danielle Niles, Meteorologist, CBS4
There are three ways to donate to Blue Hill Observatory: 
By Check made out to Blue Hill Observatory and mailed to Box 187, Readville, MA 02137
By Credit Card by calling 617-696-0562
     On-Line click the Donate button below. That will take you to our website where you can click on the donate button and go directly to a page which accepts all Credit Cards and Pay Pal 

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