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 September 21,2016
Remembering  the:
 1938 Hurricane &
25th Anniversary of HurricaneBob 
 Please join us for the 16th Annual Southern New England Weather Conference to learn more about Hurricane Bob 
       The Height of the 1938 Hurricane in Providence RI (photo Wm. H Foley Providence Journal) - on the front cover The 1938 Hurricane - an Historical and Pictorial Summary by WE Minsinger - (still available for sale on

On September 21st, the staff at the Blue Hill Observatory, atop Great Blue Hill in Milton, MA, always reflect on the passage of the 1938 Great New England Hurricane which produced a 5 minute average wind of 121 mph and a gust of 186 mph at approximately 6:15 PM. This is the highest wind ever recorded at the Observatory in our 131 year history and was, up until recently, the second highest wind ever recorded in the world. Now, thanks to Mike Iacono our long time Saturday Observer and "Chief Scientist" the anemograph and barograph charts from September 21,1938 have been copied from the original charts held at the National Archives in Waltham, MA


 The barograph reflects station pressure - altitude 635 ft and the gust was derived by the slope of he line of the Draper anemometer being calculated by magnifying the graph x4
On August 19, 1991 Hurricane Bob struck New England. Winds gusted to 68 mph at Blue Hill Observatory with a 1 minute sustained wind of  54 mph and a barometric pressure of 974.6 reduced to sea level.

Hurricane Warning flags flying at Brant Point Nantucket Island August 19, 1991 - photo Tait Worlow - The Nantucket Beacon

Come to the 16th annual Southern New England Weather Conference to hear more details of the last Cat 2 hurricane to strike New England. Register today by clicking on this link.
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