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September 2015
"Kickstart" the Future of Climate Science at Blue Hill Observatory
Beginning Tuesday, September 8th, at 12:00 noon, the non-profit Blue Hill Observatory and Science Center will launch an online Kickstarter fundraiser with the goal of raising at least $8,000 in donations to replace a wind speed and direction measuring device called an Aerovane. This style of instrument has been a reliable source of wind speed and direction data for over half a century on Great Blue Hill, providing our primary daily and hourly wind direction, and has served critically as our backup official peak gust recorder. Following decades of abuse from the elements atop Great Blue Hill, our old Aerovane suffered a catastrophic failure, leaving it beyond repair. 

Beyond continuing the nation's longest running climate record, Blue Hill Observatory prides itself on maintaining one of the most consistent and homogenous data sets available. The new Belfort Aerovane is the same design and read out as used at Blue Hill since 1970. In addition the data is valuable because it has similar characteristics to the cinemograph, an anemometer used during the first 70 years of the observatory's history. Replacing our Aerovane would also contribute to research exploring a significant decrease in wind speeds during our 130 year climate record.

It is now time to call on the support of our community and members to raise the funds needed to shore up this gap in our wind records. Please visit the Blue Hill  KickStarter page  to read more about our project and to make a donation. Our all-or-nothing fundraiser needs to reach the $8,000 mark, otherwise we will not receive any money for our project. Please give today, and your tax-deductible donation will help us ensure the careful measurement of our region's weather and climate for the next 130 years.  
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