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December, 2012
When will Houghton's Pond freeze/thaw?
     When will the first Blue Hill blueberries be ripe?
      Join the Climate Contest and win a gift certificate.


Houghton's Pond 


Is it just our imagination that recent winters have started later and ended earlier or can that be verified by a simple measurement of pond ice? Well that's exactly what we've been doing at Blue Hill Observatory since 1886, watching Houghton's Pond freeze and then thaw.


During a normal winter we would expect this picturesque little kettle pond to freeze over by December 12th, but last year, and now it looks like this year, that probably won't happen. Likewise, our spring thaw of pond ice is gradually getting earlier. With a normal thaw around March 22nd, last year ice on Houghton's Pond was completely gone by February 23rd.


Would you believe, we also keep track of when the first delicious Blue Hill blueberries ripen? We've been doing that also since 1886.


So what will this winter bring? Enter our contest and give us your prediction as to when the pond will freeze/thaw and when the first ripe blueberry will be ready for picking next spring. You might want to do some research before you submit your predictions. For further information, including charts for the entire period, please visit our website  and click on Archives.


To enter, send your prediction to Executive Director, Charles Orloff via email- Get one prediction right and win a gift certificate for $25, Get two correct- $75 and all three will win you a gift certificate worth $150 to be used at the BHO store or to renew your membership for next year. Tell your friends and have them join Sky Mail

 Note- Ice in predictions must be submitted no later than Friday, Dec. 14th

  Ice out and blueberry predictions must be submitted by Friday, Dec. 28th.

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