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December, 2011

Warmest Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday Season
Not to Worry....Winter is just a bit delayed!
The pattern we are in is very can change very quickly, so keep the faith...snow will come! 

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Geek Girls WIN!
Women scientists will change the world

Sponsor a WINS student today! 
       Blue Hill Observatory's nationally recognized Women in Natural Science program (WINS) is about to begin its 12th year. Hundreds of young women have had their lives changed by this innovative program.  However, the forecast is uncertain. Some of our usually reliable sources of funding have dwindled. Therefore, we are turning to you our loyal individual supporters for help. For a gift of as little as $100 you can help sponsor a young female science student. We invite you to sponsor a WINS student for the coming year and to ask your employer, or company that you know to match your gift. Please contact WINS Program Director, Don McCasland at 617-696-0562 ( if you would like to give a gift to a young woman that might change her life. Help these girls WIN the future. 


Stuff a Stocking Wish List
Can you help us find someone to donate:
  • New or used computers, especially laptops 
  • Office supplies
  • New floor mats/carpeting
  • HD TV and other flat screen monitors
  • Gas cards for field trips
  • Supermarket gift cards for healthy snacks for students.
  • Trailer & hitch to bring educational kite programs to  schools and other venues.
  • Building materials - paint, lumber, plaster, concrete 
  • Loan of wood chipper, bobcat, mower
  • Time & service - carpentry, painting, cleaning, more  

Please contact Don or Charlie...see below

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